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Mario & Luigi: Bowers' Inside Story Mic Issue (Yes, Another Thread)

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Hey Guys,

I can't get the microphone to work in NO$Zoomer and I'm stuck in a battle where I have to use it (tried to fight the battle without it, but it didn't work). I don't have an actual mic so I tried the audacity trick and I don't get an option for stereo mix in the dropdown menu. It's just grayed out. Is there annother solution to this problem or am I gonna have to pay for a microphone:mad:?
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I don't have that option either. The whold box is grayed out. There's nothing for me to choose.
I tried enabling the mic and re-installing audacity and I still don't get an option to use the dropdown menu to choose stereo mix. No matter what option I choose I can't get it to work.. See what I mean:

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The volume isn't muted. I maxed it out on the mic and the speakers. I plugged in my mp3 player and I can hear the song playing, but nothing happens in the game. Could it be my soundcard? I have a Realtek High Definition Audio card in my pc (the one that came with mp pc).

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Yes, the audio is enabled. This just perplexes me. None of those steps worked. Audacity records the audio from my mp3 player so I know it working. The mic test at the begining of the game says the volume is just right, but the game doesn't recognize it. Will buying a headset with a microphone fixed this issue or would that be a waste of money?
I found out tonight that it's an issue with windows vista. I installed the RC version on Windows 7 that I got from microsoft's site awhile back and the mic worked with the same driver that came wth my pc.
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