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Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

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Hmm, I have a problem for anyone who has played it, when I get to Hoohoo village (the town with the Hammer Bros and what not), once I talk to them and they agree to make me a hammer, the bridge is supposed to fix so I can cross it, but it isn't. It works fine on my GBA, but no matter what I do, it doesn't fix the bridge on VBA.

I've loaded my save file that I have way before ever entering Hoohoo village, and tried it several times on other emulators too.

The questions I'm asking are:

Is this a problem with the emulator (I've tried it on VBA-M also)?

Is it just bad luck on my end, and I'm going to have to start over in order to fix it?

Is it just a bad dump?
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As far as I recall there was something else that had to be done.

Also I have successfully gotten past that bit on VBA so it's not a normal bug. Don't know what could be wrong.
Redump the game and try to talk to EVERYONE in that part. :D
Ok, will do. Thanks.

Should I start over? Because that's going to suck. :/
If you got solved that problem, no, you shouldn't start over. However, if you didn't solve that problem, delete the .SAV file. :(
Alright. thanks for the help.

Hopefully just redumping it will fix it.

Edit: Awesome, redumping it worked. Thanks for the help!
You're welcome. :D
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