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Map making?

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Probably wrong place for question but here it goes :)
How hard is to make maps? For UT2k4... Or should i try with some easier game first. I have so many ideas for different maps and I really need something creative to do so why not try :p

Do I need some extern programs as well? 3D Max or something perhaps? I'm complete newb but have done some C++ programing and some OGL stuff as well (wrote TI-figher as my C++ project)

Any resources are welcome as well :p
Thank you for your time!
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mapping is easy for any game, though it takes experience to create great maps
I guess it also depends on the game. Half-life was really easy to make maps and mods for so was Quake 3 and I am pretty sure Half-life 2 is just as easy.

Halo I understand it's a bit difficult perhaps the tools are all third party rather than originaly made by the developer?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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