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Map making?

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Probably wrong place for question but here it goes :)
How hard is to make maps? For UT2k4... Or should i try with some easier game first. I have so many ideas for different maps and I really need something creative to do so why not try :p

Do I need some extern programs as well? 3D Max or something perhaps? I'm complete newb but have done some C++ programing and some OGL stuff as well (wrote TI-figher as my C++ project)

Any resources are welcome as well :p
Thank you for your time!
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culubalo said:
mapping is easy for any game, though it takes experience to create great maps
That's not exactly true. For Halo I had to learn 3ds max, Sapien(Halo World Editor), Guerilla(Halo Tag Editor), Tool(Halo Tag Compiler - Compiles your level files into a map, etc. Tool is by far the biggest *** of the Halo world)follow alot of tutorials, and I'm stil struggling on some things. However, I have been sucsessful. I wish I could show you guys my maps, but I lost them in an accidental format of the wrong HD. I'm working on a new one though.

I'm not to sure about UT2K4. I know it comes with a level maker, I've heard it's pretty easy to. It just takes some time and some patience(which I have VERY VERY little of). I spent a year learning Halo map creation. It's not an overnight process(for any game). Also there was so much lack of support from Bungie and Microsoft(Gearbox helped somewhat), many things you had to learn on your own. Good Luck though! :thumb:
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