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The <a href="" TARGET=_"blank">BCAdvance homepage</a> today was updated with a long, long list of stuf, which has been changed and added in the next version. While I doubt the whole list is really of much interrest, let's take a look at the most important changes :<ul><li>Add Scanline (TV Mode) support for DirectX Window/Fullscreen
<li>Add frameskips 4/5 for low computers
<li>Major rework to the program Debugger
<li>Reworked debugger code
<li>Add support for breakpoints & runto functions</ul>If you don't really know what this all is about, don't worry, it's basicly a better working debugger and more compatibility with certain games, for example Doom, Lucky Luke, Denki Blocks, Atlantis and Tetris Worlds.

You can check out the whole long list for BoycottAdvance and the online (JAVA) version over at the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">official homepage</a>.
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