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I have been into the Pocket PC power user arena for a few years now and had a blast designing skins for Windows Mobile Media Player.

My most fun was doing a skin for the PocketPC that would smack the iPod users right in their smug smiles :)

I called it MiPod

Needless to say many many iPod users who were in the my thing is better then your thing fight were less then impressed with me......can't blame them being they have such a limited device ;)

So when a mystery cropped up with Windows Mobile Media Player 10, and not being able to skin it, even tho the option was in the menu.....I had to solve it. With no registry edits !!!!!

My Phone with a Windows Media 9 Skin

So I went back and started a conversion of the MiPod skin to make........


So now I have something to fill my free time with again :) Converting my PocketPC skins to Smartphone.
Next on the conversion table, if you were not able to tell, I am a Mario fanatic

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