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Ssup guys, ok is it normal for all the Street Fighter EX games to run SLOW in MAME? or is it my PC?

Im using MAME32Plus and those games are running SSLLOOWW

I got a AMD Athlon 64 (2.4Ghz) though i had it running @ 1.9Ghz on MAME...
with 1GB Ram and a ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M with 128MB

isnt this suppose to run this like nothing?

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I'm pretty sure that goes in the game discussion section but yeah, I'll answer.

Slow in mame AAAYYEE? well mame takes alot of thingies to run you know, even mortal komtbnat doesn't run at full speed on a high system machine.

You can always use the regular mame32 and see if it does something or tweak the options themselves.Try disabling the sound and stuff to see if it's the game itself..

Street fighter the movie the arcade game FTW!
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