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Mame32 problem

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When I start emulating a game on Mame32 Plus! Plus! 0.117(or 0.119) it starts out running very smoothly without any frame skipping. About 3-4 mins into playing the game it starts skipping a lot of frames. If I turn frame skipping off it does the same thing, only it starts running very very slow instead of skipping frames. Any idea why it does this?

Games - Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 rev 2.1 (1995 old)
also does this with Street fighter III & Killer Instinct 1 & 2.
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Could be a lot of things. Would you care to mention your system setup? (always do this when asking for help. ALWAYS).

Video card?
All drivers and OS are updated?

Also try some stuff before asking for help. The regular MAMEui32 for instance (could be a bug in the plus version). Some smaller games like pac man. Change the resolution in MAME. Reboot PC to clear RAM and start MAME alone. Try it on another PC. Stuff like that...

The first thing that comes to mind despite the lack of information:

1- Not enough ram, OS is swapping to disk after a while.
2- Video driver lag and/or bug. Update video driver
3- Somethings else start in the background stealing CPU cycle (Anti virus?).

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