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i wasn't sure where to post this thread, hopefully someone here can tell me where to go or help me anyways.
as the title suggests i can't play snk v capcom on mame.132
here's what i know:
-i have neogeo bio rom in rom folder in mameUI
-im attempting to use jamma pcb set1 (also have set 2)
-ive heard something about rom date sets needing to be updated... don't know about that since ive tried running the game in .115 and .116
here are the audit results for jamma set 1 and 2 respectively
-svcpcb : sfix.sfix (131072 bytes) - NOT FOUND
svcpcb : 000-lo.lo (131072 bytes) - INCORRECT LENGTH: 65536 bytes
-svcpcba : sfix.sfix (131072 bytes) - NOT FOUND (shared with parent)
svcpcba : 000-lo.lo (131072 bytes) - INCORRECT LENGTH: 65536 bytes

any suggestions??? i really want to play this game!!!
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