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How can i force games to play vertically? Some shooters run horizonatly, and i don't mean like gradius, or a game that is meant to be played sideways. The entire ROM and Message window is turned sideways.
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Yea, thats what i have. Intel Extreme Graphics, or some bull**** intergrated thing like that.

Is that the issue?
Probably. I hear of a *feature* in newer Intel chips that will rotate the screen when the drivers think it's necessary. There should be an option in your display properties to turn it off.
You're right, there is such a feature, but i had it unchecked anyway. It must be something else.

I've tried some of the rotation settings in MAME too, but they only force the info window (press ok to continue) to load normally, the game is still played sideways.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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