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MAME 130 u2 is out

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Here is the latest unstable news:

(Due to an oversight, credit for the new Neo Geo BIOS was incorrectly
given in the previous whatsnew. Thanks to Massimiliano Macri for the

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 02382: [Graphics] peke1012: Bad ROM dump causes graphics glitches
(Jim Stolis)
- 02977: [Crash/Freeze] rdft2j2: Access Violation (Haze)
- 03071: [Sound] tndrcade tndrcadj: music problem (Phil Bennett)
- 03063: [Misc.] psyvaria, psyvarrv, usagi, nightrai, xiistag: Some
G-Net cards were dumped without restoring them to defaults
first (Guru)
- 03068: [DIP/Input] leprechn: Lives are incorrect in Dip Settings
- 03024: [DIP/Input] jrpacmbl: All inputs perform wrong function in-
game (Fabio Priuli)
- 02972: [Documentation] shuttlei: Year is listed as 197?, confirmed
as 1979. (incog)
- 02978: [Documentation] suprgolf: Year is listed as 19??, confirmed
as 1989. (incog)
- 02970: [Documentation] sfbonus, sfbonusa, sfbonusb, sfbonusd,
sfbonusv: The year is 2003 according to the attract mode.
- 02968: [Documentation] parrot3: The year is 2003 according to the
attract mode. (incog)
- 02969: [Documentation] parrot3b: The year is 2004 according to the
attract mode. (incog)
- 02999: [DIP/Input] taotaida: need more 3 buttons (Fabio Priuli)
- 03029: [DIP/Input] jitsupro, kazan, p47, rodland, stdragon and
clones: "Demo sounds" dip-switch inverted (Fabio Priuli)
- 03042: [Documentation] mjclub: Dip-Switch settings for mjclub
(Fabio Priuli)
- 03031: [DIP/Input] seganinj and clones: Player 1 button 3 not
present (Fabio Priuli)
- 03048: [Sound] equites and clone: strange noise ingame
(Phil Bennett)
- 03035: [Save/Restore] frogg, froggrmc: Autosave does not work
correctly (couriersud)
- 02172: [DIP/Input] some driving games: MAME allocates Player 2 - 4
inputs for deficient Player 1 inputs. (Fabio Priuli)

Source Changes
Added board description to Zodiack. [Guru]

Demoted some games to have the GAME_NOT_WORKING flag:
- Alligator Hunt (protected version);
- Glass;
- Great Guns;
- Name Club Ver. 3;
- Snow Board Championship;
- Tetris Korean bootleg;
- Thunder Hoop 2: TH Strikes Back;
- Touryuu Densetsu Elan-Doree / Elan Doree - Legend of Dragoon;
- World Grand Prix;
- World Rally 2 - Twin Racing;

Some various Naomi improvements and SH4 hacks to get more Naomi games
booting farther. [David Haywood, Angelo Salese]

Added a PCB layout for the large single plane PCB that Incredible
Technologies used for the Golden Tee 3D series (3D through Classic),
Shuffleshot, World Class Bowling and World Class Bowling Deluxe.

Added PCB layout & hardwared documentation for Atari's Badlands [Guru]

WIP driver for Cubo CD32 [Mariusz Wojcieszek]:
- AGA palette
- AGA bitplane data fetching
- support for up to 8 standard bitplanes
- HAM8 mode

Further annotated the game lists is mamedriv.c. [Yasuhiro Ogawa]

Fixed pending IRQs handling in the TLCS-90 CPU core [Luca Elia]

Updated video timing in bestbest to match PCB [Guru]

ejsakura fix: added ymz280b_r to memory map to prevent musics to stop
while playing [Cs9ph7Rg0]

nemesis.c fix [Hau]
- Fixed screen priority problems in Kitten Kaboodle.
- Added flip screen & cocktail support.
- Merged memory maps in hyprduel.c

CPU cores are now enabled on a per cpu core family basis instead of
per cpu core variant. As a result CPUDEFS is no longer needed in the
makefile. [Wilbert Pol]

TMS320C25 fixes and enhancements: [Olivier Galibert]
- accept IRQs on IDLE
- actually count irq processing and instruction fetching cycles
- add support for external serial frame sync with internal
triggering (aka TXM=1 and FSM=1).

Updated G-Net CHDs (reset to factory default settings and clear
high-score table) [Guru]

Added description of G-Net card/PCB [Guru]

Fixed crash due to recent cheat engine changes. [Pugsy]

Fixed the sprite collision code of the mcu simulation in
'machine\mexico86.c'. [Aladar]

Improved sound banking in galpani2 driver. [Luis Faria]

Gameplan improvements: [Tafoid]
- verified and simplified the DIPs, adding locations
- adjusted clocks in Leprechaun and Pirate Treasure based on info
from the manual

Implemented model2 inputs through direct AM_READ_PORT access rather
than using read handlers. The patch also fixes daytona brakes (which
were previously labeled with the wrong tag). [Fabio Priuli]

Simplified input handling in Taito F3 games. [Fabio Priuli]

Various PGM fixes and improvements [XingXing]

Fixed rdft2j2 set, it was using rdft roms instead of the rdft2 ones.
[David Haywood]

Additional PGM improvements: [David Haywood]
- Added emulation of the earlier type of ARM (ASIC27A, 5585E type)
Used this for protection emulation on Photo Y2k, Knights of
Valour Superheroes instead of old simulation code
- Disabled protection simulation for several sets. This demotes
Knights of Valour / Knights of Valour Plus to NOT working as there
is no dump of the internal rom.
- Photo Y2k still works because it's using the emulation added above,
but You can no longer change region as this is supplied by the
ASIC27A device which is now emulated. This is correct.
- Added several new sets, several of which are re-releases of the
games using the ASIC 27A instead of the previous protection
devices. (oldss, killbldp)
- Removed per-game speedup hacks, as they're no longer needed for the
ARM based games to boot correctly.

Fixed core_strwildcmp by increasing the limit from 8 to 16 characters.

Verified and simplified munchmo DIPs, and added locations. Also fixed
clock speeds and AY-8910 clock to match recordings. [Tafoid]

Verified DIPs and added locations for Road Fighter. Adjusted defaults
to match the manual. [Tafoid]

In bublbobl, emulated CPU1 (slave) <-> AUDIOCPU communications and
AUDIOCPU reset at startup, previously this was disabled. [Mamesick]

Added samples emulation to Rough Ranger (V2.0), write ports A & B of
YM2203 are used. [Mamesick]

Added game-specific kludge to get music in SD Gundam Psycho Salamander.

Fixed G-NET on big-endian hosts. [R. Belmont]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Hidden Catch 3 [Pierpaolo Prazzoli, Tomasz Slanina]
Iron Fortress [Smitdogg Jones, Dumping Project]
Mahjong Vegas (unprotected set) [Luca Elia, Uki]
E-Jan Sakurasou [Cs9ph7Rg0]
Kollon [Guru]
Otenki Kororin [Guru]
Shikigami no Shiro [Guru]
Magical Error wo Sagase [Hau]
Knights of Valour Superheroes [XingXing, David Haywood]

New clones added
Super Puzzle Bobble (2.04J) [Guru]
Zooo [Guru]
Operation Wolf (Japan) [Guru]
Puzz Loop (Asia) [Brian Troha]
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Thanks for the heads up. I'll probably pass this time as I'm not interesting in any of the new games added and tend to shy away from "u" releases...
Knights of Valour Superheroes [XingXing, David Haywood] This one is worthy I believe.
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