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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 00191: [Graphics] miaj: some text of the boot-up screen is not
correctly displayed (hap)
- 02267: [Graphics] devilw, darkadv, majuu: Some rogue sprites (hap)
- 03370: [Sound] gng and clones: Music slows down while shooting
(Corrado Tomaselli)
- 03373: [Misc.] looping: Unmapped I/O read/writes result in large
error log and major performance drop (robiza)
- 03381: [Crash/Freeze] pc_moglf, pc_mtoid: Crashes with access
violation a short time after boot. (hap)
- 03376: [Crash/Freeze] All Sets with Rev 1 Sound Board in gottlieb.c:
Access Violation (hap)
- 03175: [Crash/Freeze] cham24: Game doesn't start correctly
- 03354: [DIP/Input] cobram3: Infinite lives dip switch triggers service mode
- 03352: [DIP/Input] cobram3: No demo (attract) sound (Xander)
- 03370: gng and clones: Music slows down while shooting

Source Changes
Add PCB locations to the rom names for Dream Land (Bubble Bobble
bootleg). [Briah Troha]

Added preliminary sound to 39in1, still buggy. [MooglyGuy]

Hand-tuned BGM tempo in Tryout thanks to a side-by-side reference.
[Angelo Salese]

SNES fixes (mostly MESS specific) [Angelo Salese]
- Fixed Super Kick Boxing booting and sound.
- Preliminary open bus emulation for allowing Shien's Revenge /
Shien the Blade Chaser to boot
- Fixed mode 5/6 bg drawing cutted in half bug
- Fixed (presumably) broken gfxs in nss_sten
- More accurate behaviour of the last scroll register.
- Improved mode 5/6 gfxs when tile size = 16x16.
- Fixed rowscroll line bugs in many games
- Made the unsupported reads on i/o open bus, fixed a layer enable
in Super Kick Boxing
- Fixed vram size when in hires mode
- Hooked up interlace mode
- Fixed doubled y-axis sprites when in interlace mode
- Improved window effects when in H-512 mode.
- Removed a kludge with color windows.
- Fixed buggy layer clearance when in H-512 modes
- Fixed the x scrolling wrap around bug when hscroll == 0
- Fixed a bug that were causing a row of corrupted tiles during
scrolling situations
- Fixed irq ack and fixed TIMEUP register open bus behaviour.
- Even more aggressive open bus fixes.
- Fixed a partial update bug when the screen is in interlace mode
- Fixed 8bpp layer colors.

Patched progolfa rom like progolf. Removed bad dump flag in progolf;
with progolfa you get the same rom error in test mode and progolfa
have different encryption. [robiza]

Added a stop4 input to slot default and remapped slot default keys to
better suit Amcoe games. [Fabio Priuli]

Updated sfbonus.c to use the new gambling inputs. Fixed many years
and descriptions. Reworked parent/clone relationships so that parent
is the higher revision and/or the Export version. Also, tried to
establish common rules in the choice of the romset names.
[Fabio Priuli]

Added default input mappings for Hanafuda games. Updated most of the
Hanafuda games to use them. Like for Mahjong games, keys A->H are used.
"Yes" is mapped to M, "No" is mapped to N. [Fabio Priuli]

Add correct color PROM for panther. [Mr. Do, Angelo Salese]

Removed fake P3 Start from Nichibutsu mahjong games and properly
called "Credit Clear" that input. Also, added back Bet button in
nb1413m3.c fixing omotesnd. [Fabio Priuli]

nmk16.c driver documentation update / clean up: [Briah Troha]
- Moved the PCB layout for S.B.S Gomorrah (Bio-Ship Paladin) down by
the game's romdef.
- Added PCB layout for Spectrum 2000 & corrected company name to
- Added PCB layout for Red Hawk
- Moved decryption routines (if needed) to between the info/PCB
layout header and game romdef.

Added the 8751 MCU code to Saigo no Nindou (nspiritj).
[Guru, David Haywood]

Implemented preliminary bg map banking in 18 Holes Pro Golf.
[Angelo Salese, Robiza]

Fixed a mapping error with Maikobana [BET] (mmaiko) which caused the
NVRAM not to save correctly. [Tafoid]

Aristocrat MK-4 HW: Hooked up mc6845, fixed a rom crc in goldenc and
implemented flip y. [Angelo Salese]

DIP switch cleanups in gberet, mainevt, ninjakd2, and taito_z.

Added GAME_IMPERFECT_SOUND flag to all sets that use external samples
which were not already flagged for sound. Flagged Speed Freak
(speedfrk) as GAME_SUPPORTED_SAVE to match the rest of the driver.

SNES video updates: [Fabio Priuli]
* re-enabled video debug functionalities in debug build (to toggle
background layers)
* added proper priority tables for various bg/obj layers
* largely simplified tile and line drawing routines, and fixed small
bits here and there
* further simplification of tile drawing routines
* added palette index to 8bpp tiles (correct color_shift still unsure,
* reworked video drawing routine to simplify the various graphic
mode drawing and to allow proper implementation of priority orders
(especially bg3 priority bit and mode 7 priority order)
* improved mode 7 extbg (still missing mosaic)
* added some more debugging options
* improved Mode 7 math precision (but still some issues remain) and
added a few elements to PPU struct
* implemented Mosaic in Mode 7
* merged OAM functions
* added a few elements to PPU struct (this might be handy if we ever
come to convert SNES PPU to a device)
* fixed Mode 7 shared scrolling/matrix registers
* slightly optimized Mode 7 math (by using Anomie's recursive
* moved some more register contents to PPU struct
* added PPU1/PPU2 Open Bus support, STAT77/STAT78 registers should be
more accurate (even if still not perfect)
* simplified window masking code and moved some more regs to PPU

More NES work: [Robert Bohms]
* Fixed bug in nes_apu that caused errors reading $4015
* Added length counter status bits to $4015
* Fixed 4-screen mirroring (PPU regression)
* Fixed cham24
* Improved Sprite Overflow emulation of NES PPU (this fixes the first
of blargg's Sprite Overflow tests)

Added remaining PCB "U" locations to roms that didn't have for
G-Stream G2020. [Brian Troha]

Atomiswave updates: [R. Belmont, Cah4e3]
- Hooked up flash ROM at 0
- Use proper AW memory map
- Emulate AW ROM board (different from Naomi)

Fixed buggy breakpoints in the g65816 cpu core. [Angelo Salese]

Fixed Atomiswave COIN ERROR. [Wind]

n8080 update [Team Japump!!!]
- corrected ROM names for Space Fever and SF High Splitter
- renamed spacefeva to spacefevo2
- added spacefevo
- added highspltb

Updated Sega Hikaru readme [Guru]

Discrete sound update: [couriersud]
- Added "abs" function to DISCRETE_TRANSFORM
- Fixed a bug in DISCRETE_RCDISC5

Added 1 missing sample to safarir.c [Team Japump!!!]

Created discrete sound emulation for galaxian [couriersud]
- Changed all audio related AM_WRITE to AM_DEV_WRITE
- Moved discrete sound related pieces such as initialization into
- Split some memory maps into sound related and not sound related
- Added possibility in discrete.h to select hardware (galaxian/moon
cresta) at compile time. This leads to slightly different volume
levels. Hit sound (explosion) has been hacked to increase volume.
Currently, we can not accurately model the switch/opamp filter
- Rewrote timer code so that the pitch timer is only used when it
produces audible results.

Cojag/jaguar video updates (primarily for MESS) [Robbbert]
* Added variable pixel width.
* Fixed display of screens wider than 360 pixels.
* Enabled use of RGB16.

looping: modified the cop420 rom region, fixed mcu rom region in clone
set, added mcu support. [robiza]

Redumped bingor2 program roms [Klaus Sommers]

Corrected Kamakazi III's dipswitch setting (the same as superg) and
relabeled it a superg hack. Also the dipswitch setting for the Taito
license was the same as superg so I eliminated one. [Brian Troha]

Improved speaker-toggle emulation with alias filter.
[Anders Hallstrom]

NES: Fixed bank switching in multigm3 (broken due to a mistake of
mine when including original Rob Bohms' code). The game still refuses
to work, unfortunately. [Fabio Priuli]

vsnes update [Team Japump!!!]
- fixed ROM names
- added vssoccerj

ROM name fixes for sicv, sisv, and sisv2 [Team Japump!!!]

Corrected TNZS vsync to 59.15 as verified on pcb. [Corrado Tomaselli]

Fixed bootleg description inconsistency in goldnpkr.c. [hap]

Fixed sprite wrapping in sonson. [hap]

Added Intel 4004 CPU core. [Miodrag Milanovic]

Converted the tilemap lists to be private information held by the
running_machine instead of global variables. Added new APIs to the
tilemap code to handle the "ALL_TILEMAPS" cases, and removed the
old ALL_TILEMAPS definition. [Atari Ace]

Added redumped gfx rom on Shogun Warrior [Guru]

Updated romload.c and validity.c to not rely on global variables.
[Atari Ace]

Corrected resistor values in Cliff Hanger discrete sound based on
actual PCB values. [Ruben Panossian]

Removed DAA tables from the 8085 and Z180 implementations in favor of
just computing the values. Also fixed code in 8085 to prevent
accidental multiple reads due to macro overuse. [hap]

Added game time and coinage DIP switches to Space Walk, along with
service mode and test. Also added support for the 2nd controller and
coin counter. Removed GAME_NOT_WORKING as it is working fine. Added
color overlay based on photo. [hap]

Added a simple color overlay for Depthcharge based on flyers. [hap]

Updated the Konami twin16 driver. Functional changes: [hap]
- improved sprite status register, this fixed the rogue sprites
problem in devilw
- added fround coin counters
- lowered k007232 volume
- added savestate support
- added shadows
- fixed devilw and gradius2 sprite lag
- added text layer x/y flipping
- reverted gradius2 sprite-background priority hack, this fixes
severe priority problems in devilw, but reintroduces bugs on
gradius2 level 7 and ending

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
18 Holes Pro Golf [robiza, Angelo Salese]
Python (Photon System) [Mick, Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Pop n' Music 2 [Guru]
beatmania ClubMIX [Team Japump!!!, The Guru]
Ridge Racer (3 screen? Rev. RR2, World) [Guru, Smitdogg]
Sky Love [bbmmamoh, David Haywood]
Triple Draw Poker [Team Europe, David Haywood] (Wrong Colours)

New clones added
Gun Bullet (World, GN3 Rev B) [Brian Troha, Dumping Union]
Megatouch 5 (9255-60-01 ROI, Standard version)
[Brian Troha, Dumping Union]
Dragon World (V021O) [f205v, Olivier Galibert, David Haywood]
Winding Heat (JAA, JPN v2.11) [Guru]
Qix (set 2, smaller roms) [Team Europe]
9-Ball Shootout Championship [SiftWare]
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How many games are there for MAME, exactly?

I can't help but noticing that MAME updates are a lot. Sorry, though.
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