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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03191: [Crash/Freeze] armchmp2: Allowing Demo to run triggersTest
Mode (hap)
- 02916: [Crash/Freeze] srmvs: [debug] Assertion (Aaron Giles)
- 03300: [Crash/Freeze] tmmjprd, tmpdoki: [debug] Crash after OK
(Aaron Giles)
- 03310: [Misc.] cobram3, cobra: Parent/clone relationship missing
(Aaron Giles)
- 03311: [Misc.] p911uc, p911j: chd a00c02 is used in both clones but
they use different hashes (Angelo Salese)

Source Changes
Added GAME_IMPERFECT_SOUND flag to taitogn.c games since we don't
emulate the sound CPU. [Fabio Priuli]

CDP1802: [Curt Coder]
- refactored the Q and DMA callbacks to use devcb
- fixed state code output and load mode

Added FP registers to PPC debugger interface. Fixed bugs in the x64
back-end that prevented proper 3D rendering for Model 3 games.
[Aaron Giles]

ARM7 improvements: [R. Belmont]
- Added ARMv5+ CLZ instruction.
- Added ARMv5TE instructions: QADD, QDADD, QSUB, QDSUB, SMLAxy,
- Fixed disassembly of CLZ

Improved DIP switches in toypop. [kanikani]

Audited and added GAME_SUPPORTS_SAVE flag to all games in the mappy.c
driver (superpac, pacnpal, grobda, phozon, mappy, todruaga, digdug2,
motos and clones of each) [MooglyGuy]

Naomi update [Deunan Knute, R. Belmont]
- Implemented cartridge protection chip mechanism
- Added protection data for doa2 and doa2m
- Added real dumped cartridge X76F100 data for doa2/doa2m

Several MESS-specific snes fixes for rendering. [Angelo Salese]

Merit Multi-Poker improvements: [Roberto Fresca]
* Full Inputs.
* DIP Switches.
* Simulated spark-watchdog circuitery.
* Demuxed custom port.
* NVRAM support.
* CPU clock derived from #defined crystal.
* 8000-8007 Output ports.
* Coin related counters.
* Sound components and trigger found at 8000-8003, bit2.
* Full lamps support.
* PCBs layouts & technical notes.
The 4 games are fully playable. Sound seems to be discrete, so the
circuitery need to be traced. Colors are still wrong.

Added documentation regarding different Cobra Command versions.
[Ruben Panossian]

Fixed card reset in Taito g-net games. [Joerg Hartenberger]

Fixed gun and crosshair positioning in TimeCrisis and Bubble Trouble.

Decoded some ram based tiles in jclub2. [David Haywood]

Fixed interrupts in the cischeat driver, fixing Scud Hammer and
Arm Champs II. [hap]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Multi-Poker [Roberto Fresca]

New clones added
Super Free Kick (set 2) [Klaus Sommers]
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