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Making speech clips play correctly from an iso?

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On games like Resident Evil it's been necessary for me to play directly from the CD - otherwise you only hear the first couple of seconds before each clip of speech suddenly stops playing. Is there any way to properly play the speech correctly from an ISO? I'm asking because I just picked up Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, and since the music changes so often the CD reads are getting really annoying.
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what are you making the ISO with? make sure you make something with a cue sheet file (like bin/cue) and then i recommend loading it with Mooby's CDR plugin.
rubberchicken said:
often the CD reads are getting really annoying.
This is because CD accesses are much slower than HDD accesses. (Unless you have a CD-ROM drive is runs at a pretty good speed, maybe 52x?)
I'd been using Isobuster and making plain .iso files. Used Alcohol instead to make a .img/.sub/.ccd image, and it works fine. To think I could've done this with Resident Evil a year ago...

Thanks for the help.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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