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Making ISO out of original CD--> Pal or Ntsc ?

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If I make an ISO of my original FF9 CDs, will they be PAL or NTSC? Also, if I already started a game with Epsxe MEMORY CARDS, and I lost the ff9 ISOs i used to get where I'm at, and now I make new ISOs, will I be able to use those memory card saves?

Also last question, if i saved on memory card with a NTSC iso, and I somehow get a PAL iso of the game, will I be able to load from memory card the same game?

Thanks for the help!
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PAL is an european version. NTSC is american version. (??)
And yes, if you make new isos, you can still use the old memcard-files.
I don't think you can use PAL saves with NTSC games and vice versa..
PAL is not only europe; NTSC is not only America. i.e. Japan uses NTSC and Australia uses PAL. so your ISOs will be teh same region as wherever you got your discs.

if you switch versions you cant use the memory cards, ive heard of converters but never tried it.
ok well what's important is america being NTSC, then it's all good.
thanks for the help
Ive used some converters, and they worked great.
Can remember where i got those, long time ago, i only recall the sites being in spanish...
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