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No need to hide them anymore folks!


1) I hate the entire Final Fantasy series.

2) I don't like RPGs.

3) I hate Resident Evil games


Keep 'em coming!

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I played Pokémon the other day

Spoiler warning: Confession too big for the weak of mind
and I enjoyed it :heh:

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- Its possible that I like RPG games.
- It would be difficult to deny I appreciate racing games.
- There are subtle hints indicating I find realtime strategy games to be very enjoyable.
- This one is extremely embarassing, but has to be let out. Of not finishing games, there have a few occurences. A shame free time is not available for purchase in cans of 6.
- Never has it happened that I've played Soul Calibur for 50 hours straight, or 10, or till losing concience.
- When tekken 2 was still the rage, I've held a personal survival streak of about 200 consecutive victories (on the actual console, no cheating).

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1. Dragon Age sucks
2. Kotor is a horrible POS
3. Baldur's Gate is a game for 50+ years old who have their head stuck in their arses.
4. ....
5. Profit!

Okay, a serious list:
1. I enjoy monster raising games like Monster Rancher, Pokemon, Digimon etc.
2. I suck at fighters.
3. I use walktroughs when I play adventure games because I always get stuck. Always.

Errr, that's all I can think of now.

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1. I have never beaten any zelda or metriod games
2. I use savestates often.
3. 238 survival kill on tekken 3 (no save states)
4. I like jrpgs
5. i like RTS games
6. I have used walkthroughs.
7. i gave up on IWBTG
8. I have watched lps (lets play [insert game name here]) on more than one occasion.
9. alot more but can not be bothered to say them, will later.

10. I REGRET NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

11. ok mabie one thing, buying rugrats search for reptar at full price.

but other than that


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1.I never played Zelda games except for trying out Ocarina once but couldn't really get into it.
2. I like shootem'ups but i ain't very good at them same goes for some fighting games.
3. Nfs died for me after High Stakes and the last NFS i see as good was Porsche.
4. I finished Resident Evil 2 over 24 times in a row.
5. Same goes for Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere plus the fact that i play it even now.
6. NFS shift is the biggest disappointment i ever had.
7. Dragon Age Origins is one of the games that surprised me the most i didn't expect to like it.
8. I couldn't get in to Baldur's Gate.
9. My most favorite RPG is Legend of Dragoon.
10. I'm tired.
11. Going back to watching Clannad after story.

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Never seriously played a Zelda or Mario game.
Only played one Resident Evil game.
Never played a Metal Gear Solid game.
Never played WoW.
I rather hack a ****ty game, than give up on it and leave it unfinished.
I still have Diablo 2 installed and play occasionally.

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1.i have never finished tetris games
2.i have never finished ghoul n goblin games that i have played this 3 weeks only zuma revenge
4.halo2 PC sucks all the time ,worst vista game i ever played
5."garou mark of the wolf" best fighting game ever
6.metal gear 4 best action...rrr....cutescene games ever

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1) Still madly in love with Soldier of Fortune.
2) Never tried out Deus Ex.
3) Not planning on trying it out either.
4) Got my first portable without Tetris.
5) Super Noah's Ark 3D SUCKS !
6) So does Halo.
7) Yeah, i actually seriously tried to play it.
8) Tales of Eternia 2 beats pretty much all the RPG's of the 90's.
9) There needs to be an English game of Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan.
10) The first game i ever played was Doom on the Genesis. I was 3 years old.
11) My first OS was Workbench 2.2
12) My first RTS was Age of Empires II.
13) My first adventure game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
14) My lame ass videocard has the option to run at resolutions of 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024, thats propably gonna change with my new monitor, it wont run any resolution below 1024x768 on the one i have now. On pretty much every monitor ive tried, and ive tried 5 different ones.
15) That lame ass videocard cost me 90 euro's :D
16) My first console was a Sega Genesis.
17) I think MW2 is gonna suck with just 18 players in a server cause of ****ty IW not making additional code to allow for dedicated servers.

and finally...

18) L4D2 is gonna blow hard. Just L4D1 all over again, only in daylight. O NOES, LIGHTZ ! DUN LET EM RAECH MEH !!!!!!!!!!!

19) yeah, i like to go one step beyond ^^

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1. Only handheld I have ever owned was the original gameboy
2. Diablo 2 remains as my favourite game
3. Never played a Final Fantasy game before
4. Titus games always give me headaches

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How many newer games don't have hot chicks though, unless the genre is totally unsupportive of them?

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I've played and finished over 500 games.
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