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Is there a way to patch CDI files to be selfboot without burning them?
I've already tried fastboot but it didn't work. The resulting CDI returns the following with Damon Tools: IO: Error, and with Alcohol 120% it just goes to the DC music CD screen... so I can't get that one to work (with Evolution 2).

Here's how used fastboot (tell me if I did something wrong)
1. evolution.cdi (on daemon)
2. copy the CD content to "fastboot\Data" folder
3. copy 1st_read.bin and ip.bin from "fastboot\data" folder to "fastboot\" folder
4. run binhack
4.1 binary file = 1st_read.bin
4.2 bootsector = ip.bin
4.3 msinfo = 0,0
5. after binhack copy 1st_read.bin and ip.bin to data folder again
6. run b2b_game.bat
7. Mounted the resulting image.cdi and booted

Also, is it okay if I change the names? Because I want the file to be named the title of the game (i.e. evolution 2.cdi) but I wasn't sure if it was okay so I didn't...
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