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Makaron problemo , cant get Virtua Tennis 2 to boot help !

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hiya team , i really want to get Virtua Tennis 2 running so me and my mum can battle it out. I have tried demul , nullDC but both are buggy ingame.......i am now trying Makaron to see how it performs. I cant get it running atm i get a black screen after pressing A in the bios to boot a game. Does VT2 work with Makaron or am i doing something wrong ?

any help is appreciated

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everyone who has makaron figured out is getting their rocks off from holding out on everyone else.

and the author seems to like it that way too. (i have it and you dont, haha).

im sure nulldc will surpass makaron for naomi emulation soon enough. if no one knows how to use makaron then it wont grow in popularity. wont get feedback (positive anyway).
especially if the guy starts charging people like he wants to. people dont even know how it works yet and this guy wants to start charging for his emulator.

not only does he want to charge people to use his emulator but he wants them to KEEP paying every so often like a membership... this guy is definitely not the coolest dude in the emulation community.

just wait for nulldc 1.4 i guess.

sure i'll just develop an emulator and rake in MILLIONS. i'm sure sega wont mind.
s8n -

Are you using a GDI dump or some other format? If other...then you'll have to stick with Demul or NullDC...course they are all moving to support just GDI rather than trying to work around the hacks put in place to make some game rips\dumps work on actual hardware.

So if you don't have GDI's may want to start looking.

Now your video card must support Pixel Shader 2.0 if I recall correctly...please see the following chart to see if your card supports it. [Linky]

Next you need to make sure you have the C++ 2008 runtime installed.

If you are running Win2k or WinXP you'll need to make sure you are also running the latest Direct X 9 runtimes.

Next you need uncorrupted BIOS and Flash from your DC or from some where else. Please Note BIOS that worked fine in Crackcast & NullDC probably won't work with Makaron...makaron is more picky about whether things have any sort of corruption at all.

I'll get you some CRC-32 Hash's and a full tutorial in the next day or so...I got more pressing personal matters right now.

taumpytears -

You are the type of fellow that inspires others NOT to give aid.

Deunan's comment about wanting to be paid was a very very OLD April Fools joke, your current ranting about it just demonstrates you're a little slow on the uptake.

Also keep in mind Makaron isn't meant for general public use, this is why there is currently a very minimal GUI and nearly equal documentation.

Further at present its unlikely that NullDC will be more accurate emulating DC or Naomi, do to the developers focus being on getting NullDC to run on the PSP and Pandora...which in both cases is rather cool...just the PC stuff is going to stagnate a bit.

Demul on the other hand may get better than certainly has more up and running on the Arcade side of things. That said Demul and NullDC are both certainly easier for Joe Public to get up and running, than Makaron.

As for Sega...they don't have **** to say, reverse engineering has been legal for a damn long time now.
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