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Majoras mask problem

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Im having a problem with majoras mask, im at the part where you get the letter to give to madam aroma, and i try to leave the pool, and when i do and the screen turns black, a new window comes up and says "Error: Executing from non mapped space" the rom quits, and i have to reload majoras mask. Aaand idk how to fix it, i think theres a problem with the ROM but i hope not. Has anyone else had this problem and can please tell me how to fix this? Thanks a lot!
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A. Check your ROM with goodN64 to verify that it IS a good set
B. Try different plugins and/or emulator

I never encountered that problem with PJ64 1.5, Jabo's D3D 1.5.1, Azimer's Audio 0.20b and NRage's Input plugin 1.81
if i used a diff emulator id lose my save state wouldnt i?
also i was using PJ 1.3, and i downloaded 1.5, aaaand it says "error: failed to allocate memory" and i tried everything and it still wont work......
Go to They have a extensive sticky about the failed to allocate memory thread if I remember right. Just be sure to read about it before you post.
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