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Major MGS problem

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I have played disc 1 right through and changed to disc 2. Unfortunately the sound no longer works. Then when i try to go down the large 45deg platform lift, a cut scene starts then the whole thing locks. I can still hit esc to drop back to the desktop though.

I have tried the disc in another PC - same effect. I tried running it as an iso - same effect. It works on a real PSX though

This is a UK pal disc

Any ideas ?

ePSXe 1.4
Petes OGL 1.52
Petes DSound 1.11
Petes CDR 1.6

Athlon 900
Windows Me
Plextor x40 SCSI CDROM
Nvidia TNT2
Onboard VIA AC'97 Audio
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Yep ! I use Pete's OGL 1.53 and Direct Sound 1.11 plug-in and the game is now near perfection.

About the sound disappearance when changing CD ROM, the only way to get some sound is to save the game in the "normal" way: by accessing the memory card. Then, quit the game, launch CD 2 and then loading the game.
Don't get me wrong.

Even without using save sates, you have this sound problem when you change CD.

Fortunately, the game offers the possibility to be launched directly from CD 2 and with the little trick I explained above, you can have the sound again.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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