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Major MGS problem

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I have played disc 1 right through and changed to disc 2. Unfortunately the sound no longer works. Then when i try to go down the large 45deg platform lift, a cut scene starts then the whole thing locks. I can still hit esc to drop back to the desktop though.

I have tried the disc in another PC - same effect. I tried running it as an iso - same effect. It works on a real PSX though

This is a UK pal disc

Any ideas ?

ePSXe 1.4
Petes OGL 1.52
Petes DSound 1.11
Petes CDR 1.6

Athlon 900
Windows Me
Plextor x40 SCSI CDROM
Nvidia TNT2
Onboard VIA AC'97 Audio
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Problems here too

Ok everyone ,after playing so many playstation games I finally decided to get Metal Gear Solid(bit strange coz i think its considered as best game of all times).

I have heard and seen numerous problems in running mgs on an emulator.I know these have been discussed time and again and I could have asked the question at many places but it would be very helpful if someone gives a reply here.

Ok so I just started the game yesterday so no question yet about disc change.Lets start from scratch.

I started the game using petes d3d plugin 1.52 and epsxe 1.4.

1.FMVs dont show up.Sound is there but no picture.They do appear in bleem,cvgs.They do appear using petes soft plugin,segu d3d plugin.A bug in pete's d3d plugin?Cant be !! Pete is an expert.So whats wrong?

2.Ok lets play using petes soft plugin or any other plugin that shows fmv .Hmm fmv is not continuous.It hangs for some milliseconds ,a cd icon appears on upper right corner and then it continues.So is it a problem?Cd drive cant be slow,I am using an iso.

3.Ok Play again using pete's d3d plugin(who wants to see the fmvs).Wow the game looks beautiful.Oh my god! Guards see you , alarm is raised .As soon as guards start chasing game slows down by about 5 fps(strange?)Dodge the guards and speed is back to normal.(This is a problem I guess or is it?)

So there is that much for first hour with mgs.I have already read about those stuttering sound then those text/sound disorder and possible solutions in petes spu txt.

At last, I am using intel 810 based chipset with integrated graphics and sound on a celeron 500 with 64 mb ram and windows me.

And yes the game plays absolutely perfectly in cvgs(But I hope I am not forced to play it on cvgs).

[All those thinking I am repeating the question from some other post are wrong.I took Bgnome's permission before writing it here.The earlier thread where it was posted was closed due to someone else's stupid mistake]
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