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Major MGS problem

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I have played disc 1 right through and changed to disc 2. Unfortunately the sound no longer works. Then when i try to go down the large 45deg platform lift, a cut scene starts then the whole thing locks. I can still hit esc to drop back to the desktop though.

I have tried the disc in another PC - same effect. I tried running it as an iso - same effect. It works on a real PSX though

This is a UK pal disc

Any ideas ?

ePSXe 1.4
Petes OGL 1.52
Petes DSound 1.11
Petes CDR 1.6

Athlon 900
Windows Me
Plextor x40 SCSI CDROM
Nvidia TNT2
Onboard VIA AC'97 Audio
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No, its not a well known problem.. MGS runs almost perfectly for me using petes new direct sound spu with spu irq.. I passsed that part without any problems.. I have the US ntsc version of the game.. You could try the 7502 bios, use differenct cd rom pluggin, or update your vid card drivers if you haven't done so.. I use win98se..
well.. I think pete did mention in the readme that comes with his new direct sound pluggin that a very fast computer is required to run MGS with near perfect sound.. Framebuffer effects in this game will be extremely slow unless you have a very fast comp.. I got a tbird [email protected] mhz and the game still slows down a tad bit when those scenes happen.. Not the 5 fps you get but its still noticable.. But not unplayable.. Fmv has problems with MGS in epsxe 1.4.. I have heard someone say that epsxe 1.01 plays MGS better.. To even play MGS without crashes is to disable MDECS.. There are certain parts in the game where FULL MOtion video is used and those parts are where MGS will crash.. The real time conversation scenes still work but they may slow down because of the heavy use of framebuffer effects..

I get near perfect gameplay and sound now using petes direct sound pluggin and lewpys glide pluggin..
Yep.. Using savestates causes all sorts of weird sound and mdec problems.. I suggest you use them sparingly or not at the end of a disk..
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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