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I wanted to play my Final Fantasy 9 on ePSXe 1.7, as I don't want to play it on my PS2 atm. Problem is, I am having major performance Problems.

My System:
Athlon X2 5050e 2x2,6GHz
ATI Radeon HD3200 IGP (512MB Shared) [HD 4770 should arrive next week)
4 GB Ram
Vista Business 64bit

I've tried all Plugins OGL2, OGL, D3D and each has a different problem.
OGL2 and OGL fine, major slowdowns during battles
also OGL2 Screen flicker at the bottom during battles
D3D fine, except battle swirl has like 0,01fps and takes 5 min

So who's to blame? ATI with buggy Vista drivers? Or am I too stupid to configure?

Tried it on my Notebook (T5750 2x2GHZ, Nvidia 8400M GT) and it works like a charm with OGL2...

Need help please...

edit: Maybe I should have read the forums more carefully, setting VRAM manually fixes the problem...

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Compatibility must be 1-2-2
Set the vram amount to 512
and make sure Catalyst 9.3 is installed
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