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The world's first PC-FX emulator ever is finally out !!!!

Ready to try the PC-FX emulator??

The secret game was of course "Minimun Nanonic"!!

The tech demo supports only this game. You can try other games if you want; there's no protection, but they simply won't work, this demo has a limited PC-FX hardware emulation, unsupported games won't run, but on the other hand it is not limited in any way, no time limit. :)

MagicEngineFX doesn't require the ROM of the PC-FX bios to run, it has its own system. We were not able to finish it in time for the tech demo release though. In its current state the system doesn't support the backup RAM, so for now you can save only with the save function of MagicEngineFX, you can not save in-game yet.
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