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Shifting the tide

For as long as they have existed, videogames have often mistakenly been accused as being the source and cause of violence in youth, mainly due to the level and tone of violence of some of these games, such as the Mortal Kombat's and Grand Theft Auto series with the uber violence and penchant for swearing. Certain lawyers have gone as far as to have these games banned from sale in lieu of keeping the children safe, but despite all the accusations and frustrations videogame violence has rarely reached a pinnacle where it can truly be responsible for the cause of crime. Platinum games and Sega have taken note of what these naysayers have to say and have respectfully thrown them out the window and have gone and created Madworld, a game that will quite possibly be crowned as the most violent game known to mankind. But to label this game as nothing but pure violence is to imply that all it can produce is gratuitous violence is selling this game short, because at its core, Madworld is so much more than simple violence.

Gripping tale

Terrorist, known as ‘The Organizers’ have invaded Varrigan City and have released a toxin that will kill anyone in 24 hours. With all transport cut off from the city and a sick show called Deathwatch established with the simple rules that those who kill, will receive the vaccine to the toxin. We play as Jack Cayman, a hard man with a chainsaw attachment on his right arm who is willing to do what it takes to get that vaccine and is sponsored by the mysterious Agent XIII. Needless to say the setting truly is a mad world, as Jack must brave spikes, exploding barrels, bullet trains and man darts in order to get the vaccine.

*invisible puppet show*

Similar in playing style to Godhand, Madworld is a third person action beat em up, with extra emphasis on beat em up. Using the Wii mote to control attacks, ranging from simple flurry of punches and kicks, to grabbing enemies for environmental kills, such as impalement on a wall of spikes or to gleefully perform specialized finisher moves, which involve shaking the remote wildly as Jack slams the enemy around the arena with reckless abandon. The nun chuck is used for basic movement, and the combination of the two works really well as the control scheme does not require precise and intricate movements or shaking of the controllers to instigate movement. Instead, when prompted, just wildly shaking the controls is enough to get these quick time events over and done with and this simplified approach to controlling Jack is quite fantastic.

In Madworld, chain saws you

Likewise, the jaw dropping violence is a sight to behold, as I think this is a videogame first, where we can shove a warning sign through a person’s face (ironically warning them that such an act can happen), then throw a tire over their heads, restricting any movement before finally repeatedly throwing them against a train covered in spikes, only for them to become unceremoniously stuck at the last moment. This probably sounds pretty and a horrible way for someone’s life to end, but it is the style that Madworld presents that takes it beyond gratuitous and sits it comfortably in the realm of satire and ridiculousness, in other words, quite mad as the more creative we eliminate the enemy, the more points we achieve, and after we achieve enough points we can advance to a boss or end level.

Charlie Brown: the later years

This ridiculousness is only emphasized with the inclusions of bonus games, such as the aforementioned ‘man darts’ where the player must hit someone with a bat onto a giant dart board, to gain points (extra points for a bulls-eye), or another game where we must throw people into a whirring jet turbine engine. Some truly unfathomable violent acts that accentuated with exaggerated visuals, and overbearing tone delivers an experience that is in no way shocking, but rather gives you the feeling like ‘did they say he could do that? Actually throw someone into a jet turbine? This is ridiculous!’ which is exactly what this game is all about.

I like to wash down my scotch with a little scotch

Madworld adopts the mantra that less is more when it comes to visual stimuli, as everything in the game, the character models, environments, special effects, everything bar the blood of the local goons is delightfully and simply black and white, which serves many a purpose. For one, the stark contrast that occurs when an enemy is ripped apart, as his blood splashes all over the environment only enhances the gratuitous violence and aids in creating a flamboyance to the aggressive nature, rather than keeping it too serious and off putting. The lovely black and white texture work also helps to cover up what is essentially some very basic character models, as closer inspection shows that most characters are rather simple designs, very blocky and seemingly primitive, yet the black and white texture marvels in covering up any imperfections and creates a visual sense that is highly stylish and very polished. It doesn’t however remove the effect that is washout, with far away objects and enemies being hard to see and distinguish from the environmental backdrop. If the Wii could push HD resolutions, this wouldn’t be too much of an issue, but with standard resolution, things can get a little cloudy.

Lockheed Martin engine tests were borderline ridiculous

The mantra used for visuals does not apply for the sound aspect of Madworld, as this is truly one of the shining graces of Platinum games efforts. Most of the denizens of this world must have been given whiskey instead of milk as a baby as everyone has a gruff, aggressive nature to their vocal chords, with Jack standing head and shoulders above the crowd. Music is high energy with some rap and metal coming through to further enhance the tough guy visage, but it is the commentary that ties it all together and is the real star of the audio department, as the effervescent and incredibly manly John DiMaggio is the colour commentator alongside Greg Proops, with the two of them delivering some truly classic lines as Jack continues to decimate his opposition. Both are equally hilarious with DiMaggio giving some classic lines, as he plays a former contestant, and claims that Jack’s more vicious attacks are copies of moves that he invented, or how he wanted to be a gynecologist so that he could learn more about vag, and Proops as the typical commentator who has no real experience with chainsawing someone in twain and is quick to remind us of that fact. These two commentators achieve in making Madworld feel more like a spectator sport rather than a televised massacre and enhances the manliness factor several times over.

Nutsack, nutsack, nutsack, nutsack, nutsack, nutsack, nutsack. NUTSACK!

Madworld isn’t without its flaws, as repetition with attacks, save for the set piece environments can become quite repetitive, and sometimes a bit boring to see, and the visual design means that it can be rather hard to see what is going on at times and after extended play time it can lead to a few literal headaches. In moderation though, it truly is quite impressive and staggering at times.

“That’s my penny. MINE!”

Essence of man

Quintessentially one of the best reasons to own a Wii, Madworld can happily sit on its throne as the most satirical violent game known to mankind, the kind of game that brings out a certain type of manliness that gives us an appreciation for things that are violent and crazy and considering that we live in a world that poo poo’s any sort of uber violence, Madworld is a fantastic escape and a great example of how to de-pussify the masses. A definite must see for anyone with excessive amounts of testosterone.

Visuals -87
Audio – 94
Gameplay – 86
Overall – 89

Great satirical violence, fantastic visual design, too bad it isn’t HD.

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a real reason to play a wii? awesome. i enjoyed god hand immensely and this looks like something to buy to play on my brother's wii.

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I was afraid the game may end up using gratuitous violence as a crutch without offering much more. But the feedback around the game seems quite good, so I'm definitely gonna give it a shot (at least worth a rental, I'm sure).
That and No More Heroes should make for nice games to play when you want over-the-top violent (but original) games.
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