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I've always used ePSXe to play PS1 games on the PC but when I switched to a Mac I realised there was no version for it. I looked at pretty much every Mac PS1 emulator but none are as good as ePSXe. Is there any chance of a Mac OS X release some time in the future?
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Well there are no plans for ePSXe being ported to Mac, but recently a release of PCSX for Macintosh was released :)
Cheers for that, I'll go try it out
Glad to help ;) If possible wanna report back what your outcome is :) I'm kinda curious. :p
I'm curious what the performance would be using a Mac to emulate windows and then running ePSXe inside. The newer G5 machines should be able to do it
In a nutshell the performance ranges from lousy to attrocious :p.

The G5 is not the problem. It's down to the fact that the current crop of pc emulators on the mac do not have 3d card emulation. Instead windows thinks you only have a crappy 2d only s3 card available. That means you only have software based gpu plugins availible in epsxe leading to an increased overhead and poorer quality graphics.

Basically you should just stick to the mac pcsx. Granted it doesn't have any 3d plugins ATM, but it will be faster because you won't have the additional overhead of emulating the x86 archetechure at the same time.
I've been playing around with PCSX for a few days now and so far, despite a few compatability problems and random crashes, I've been pretty happy with it.

I've managed to get Star Ocean 2 and Chrono Cross running perfectly among others (which is all I really use it for as they were never released in the UK and I'm too cheap to get my PAL Playstation chipped :heh: )

Cheers for the help

(P.S. I don't know about anyone else but ePSXe running inside Virtual PC on my 1.8 G5 is attrocious... I might as well be trying to play them on a SNES)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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