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I'm having problems with the screen going blank in Lunar. I fixed the previous problems of the killed framerate in fmvs by using the internal epsxe sound, and also using the SIO interrupt so that the game actually boots. I get into the game fine, start a new game, everything is running fine, able to walk into town talk to everybody tra la la. But when I go into a house the screen doesn't fade back in, though if I wait for awhile my party's stats will pop up. Also I can get into the options menu, walk around and talk to people. I'm still working through trying different options to see if I can get it to work properly but I'm resorting to posting here to see if anyone has already resolved these problems. Any help appreciated. Here is my current configuration:

interal epsxe sound all sound options enabled
1.49 Pete's OpenGL
internal win2k/nt cd-rom no options checked
schp1001 bios

and as to my computer:
1001 p3
gf2 gts
256 megs ram

I haven't tried other graphics plug-ins yet, but I will be getting to those eventually. Takes awhile to sit through the fmvs y'know. Sorry about it being a longer than intended post, just trying to be thorough and all.
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