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Lunar Silver Star Story Complete

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When i run lunar SSS it won't run under epsxe 1.2.0 unless the SIO IRQ is always enabled (F4) but my Controler never wants to work when the irq is enabled.....anyone know any good controler plugins that work with the sio irq enabled?
also if I open the menu screen in the game the screen will go all black and stay like that untill something happens in the game (ex-movie plays/screen change) so i can't see nothin in the menu's ( i was thinkin this is because i'm running in 16bit and lunar SSS was suposedly converted to 32bit when it was translated to the psx) i read this on a lunar SSS web page) but i'm not quite sure if thats tru?
i'm usein a voodoo3 and it don't use 32bit's only 16bit and less,

anyone with lunar SSS wanna try running the game in 32bit in epsxe 1.2.0 and tell me if tha menu still goes all messy.....
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f4 makes my controler work with it but if i don't keep f4 on (SIO irq enabled) lunar sss will always freeze on mdec start ups, but keeping it on makes save games not work.....
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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