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Luigi's Mansion

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I've started this thread because I've been getting no joy with luigi's mansion. It keeps crashing after the intro video and it says 'in game' under the emulation status of the game in the iso status column in the emulator. Is there some specific settings I need to enable or disable in the emulator to make the game work? I know people have completed the game so it cannot be unplayable. So those who played the game could you please share how you did it?
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This crash is random, you can get past it by pressing start button at any point of the game, it's really random crash I'd say
But if the crash is random, why does it always crash for me when luigi opens the mansion door and switches on his flash light? And does the emulation status column in the emulator always say 'in game' for luigi's mansion?
I tried pressing the start button during the start of the cut scene but it does nothing. The scene keeps running. And when I press the 'A' button (default x key on the keyboard ) the emulator immediately crashes with an error dialog box. What is going on? And what is Alpha Blending? I read a thread by xtreme2damax where he said that luigis mansion works if alpha blending is enabled. Is that true and if so, how do I do that?
I said to uncheck "Use Panic Handlers" in the general configuration if you haven't done that yet. There are some random crashes, but I never had any crash in the beginning. I've completed this game on Dolphin with very little problems.
And while we're on the subject of Luigi's Mansion, why is the game blurry even at high resolutions?
I've unchecked panic handlers but it still crashes in the same spot when luigi enters the mansion and switches on his flash light. It even crashes when i press the A button in the cut scene in the beginning. The enter button does not do anything. And what is alpha blending?
But thats what I'm saying, it crashes when I press A. I have no idea why. I dont know how to enable alpha blending to try that either. Is there nobody here who has got the game to work with an intel gma chipset or who can help me? Would somebody be able to upload a save state of luigis mansion directly after the cut scene for me please? Btw I'm using the ntsc-u version of the game?
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