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lower refresh rate

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I have a 17" LCD moniter made by Dell (E172FP) and a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 128MB Graphics Card with the latest Drivers and am wondering if it is possible to set the refresh rate lower then 60 without damaging my hardware in any way.
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I don't think you can change the refresh rate of an LCD screen.
I don't think you can change the refresh rate of an LCD screen.
You can, it changes the reaction time for instance 16MS would be about 75-80 Hz
u can change it as long as it uses the analogue connector instead of the DVI i think. but iirc it doesnt even change anything. my 16 ms one has a choice from 60-75hz and i didnt notice a difference...
Are you trying to get some cool ghosting effects or something?

Refresh rates don't matter much on LCDs anyway, since all of the pixels are always active.
Well I have a laptop with the LCD drivers installed and I can't change the refresh rate at all. Before I agree or disagree with anyone, I'll wait for an educated answer. Or perhaps a quick Google search would clarify things.


"Are refresh rates applicable to LCD monitors?"

"Unlike CRT display technology in which the speed the electron beam is swept from the top to the bottom of the screen determines flicker, an active matrix display uses an active element (TFT) to control each individual pixel and thus refresh rates are not really applicable to LCD technology."

Here is also an interesting read regarding LCD's.,68.html

"LCD refresh is listed as the millisecond rating of the display. The lower the milliseconds, the FASTER the display. Early LCDs had as high as 35ms ratings, which correlates to 28.75Hz refresh! On a CRT anything below 60Hz refresh would result in an unstable image, but LCD's don't rely on scan lines and do not flicker, so early models could get away with REALLY low refresh rates."
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so what exactly is the use of refresh rate faster than the monitor can allow for (in my case 16 ms but i have it at 75hz)? :emb:
somehow it reduces ghosting, try it with a camera and you can more or less see it as my and D.D.'s monitors go at 16ms we won't be able to see it without the aid of a camera
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