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Low FPS, used to be OK.

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Hey there. I've got a problem with GT2. The FPS are like 12-13 and it's really terrible. I use Pete's OpenGL Driver 2.5. But I'm really confused because the game used to run ok before I reinstalled Win XP SP1. I tried setting the settins to "Fast" but it's still the same. I've got latest NVidia Driverz too.

My PC Specz:
1.7Ghz Celeron
GF4 MX440 64 mb
256 DDR
Sound card - Creative SoundBlaster Live! 24-bit

What could be the problem ?
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k I installed older nvidia driverz - 66.93 but it's the same. Tried Pete's OGL 1.75 - same. :| And btw my PC's 3 years old, and I know it's slow but I dun have any money right now for upgrades or new PCz. :)

Any other suggestions ?
k I tried peop's gpu plugin and the fps seems to be ok, everything is nice except that the screen is in the center of the monitor, and around it it's black. And after a while it becomes "slim", with the top and down lines at the end of the screen, but the side lines are away from the end. And everything is kinda slim. I dunno if you can understand me. :|
I'm running the game from an image already, and it was ok before reinstall.

Oh and btw 4*.** drivers are way too old. I dun think it would help, when I played it ok with 71.** before I reinstalled Win XP. :\
Sure. I applied different stretchings but they all reduced the FPS to ~30. :\
Well I had SP1 before. And it worked fine so my machine could handle it before. :\ I tried closing all programs and it was still like that. 30 fps ... :| Now I'm convincing my father I need to upgrade my PC.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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