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Low FPS, used to be OK.

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Hey there. I've got a problem with GT2. The FPS are like 12-13 and it's really terrible. I use Pete's OpenGL Driver 2.5. But I'm really confused because the game used to run ok before I reinstalled Win XP SP1. I tried setting the settins to "Fast" but it's still the same. I've got latest NVidia Driverz too.

My PC Specz:
1.7Ghz Celeron
GF4 MX440 64 mb
256 DDR
Sound card - Creative SoundBlaster Live! 24-bit

What could be the problem ?
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KanedA said:
celeron.... and GF4mx... those are okay, but it would be better if you had something more powerfull :)
of course it would be better ;)

but MX440 and a celeron are enough to emulate PSX.
try pressing the fast preset and then turning on FPS limit. there you go. if stuff is missing you can turn up offscreen drawing
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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