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Low FPS, used to be OK.

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Hey there. I've got a problem with GT2. The FPS are like 12-13 and it's really terrible. I use Pete's OpenGL Driver 2.5. But I'm really confused because the game used to run ok before I reinstalled Win XP SP1. I tried setting the settins to "Fast" but it's still the same. I've got latest NVidia Driverz too.

My PC Specz:
1.7Ghz Celeron
GF4 MX440 64 mb
256 DDR
Sound card - Creative SoundBlaster Live! 24-bit

What could be the problem ?
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"Older drivers" was more on the line of 4X.XX, more suitable for a 4 series like yours. Try using peops gpu plugin. If the problem remains, it's definitely not a graphics issue. Start trying with an ISO then, and report back here.
Not older than your card. Videocard manufacturers make driver improvements mainly for the current generation of chipsets they have on the streets. The 4x.xx were developed along the geforce 4 series. 5x.xx were released with the geforce FX (5) series, and so they were optimized for them. Then the geforce 6 series came out and 6x.xx saluted them. Now you have 7x.xx, what is somewhat agaisn't the usual way things are done, but i think you get the point. You'll face 0 improvements using so new drivers, and sometimes they even work worse for older cards, because, simply put, they don't care about them anymore. They'd rather have you buy a new one than use yours for years and years.

To solve the problem with peops, play with the stretching options. Anyway, if peops is working well, your videocard isn't configured properly. Either an old installation of the drivers is conflicting with your current ones, or some other kind of problem arised. Try seraching the net for some driver cleaning utility for nvidia, and then reinstall. Be sure to disable any kind of anisotropic filtering ro antialiasing.
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Then it's that your machine can't handle it. If it worked fine before, either SP1 is screwing you, or you are running more background programs than the last time. You can try killing any other other tasks than epsxe through the task manager, to see if it helps.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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