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I am currently having trouble making the following N64 games to work on PJ64 1.3:

-> Earth Worm Jim 3d - Just after loading i get an error saying "executing from non mapped space" and the game doesnt work.

-> Lego Racer - The game works, but if i put it fullscreen all the stuff is seen only on the upper part of the monitor (except when the actul race starts, that time i get fullscreen).

-> Star Wars ~ Rogue Squadron - After loading the game, nothing happens (the FPS count doesn't even start).

-> South Park Rally - afert seeing the intro images (or if i press a key) i get the following error:
"Unhandled R4300jOpcode at 80053B2CCEIL.W.Sf0,f0. Stoping emulation!"

-> Wipeout - Afert loading, the FPS count starts but nuthin happens

So, any help would be apreciated ;)

btw, they are all verified good dumps...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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