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Lots of questions

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1. In Jedi Power Battles I get these wierd graphic glitches. Whenever I kill an enemy or get a pick up wierd green stuff flashes from the top right of the screen. I'll try to attach an image later.

2. Also in JPB the fmvs are choppy on glide but not on d3d.

3. In Dino Crisis 2, the characters in cut sceens don't appear but in d3d they do.

[email protected], 192MB ram, Voodoo 4 4500
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May be I can help with dino crisis 2.
Post the plugin settings that you are using and I will see whether I can help or not.
W/lewpys, everything is default(except for frame limiter on auto)
I'm gonna post this on the main board instead.
dont post the same thing on different forums
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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