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loris spu v1-48

loris spu v1-48 is out...
new in 1-48

*Implemented Fine tune.
*Improved Release Envelope.
*Added Sound buffer size on realtime config window.
*Shared config window.
*Reduced small noise in XA sound.
*Added new reverb effect.
*Added right version's binary

now with an english readme file...

theres also a spu called "lite"
i dont know the differences between these two spus
and for me theres no "fine tune" option...

ohh i forgot to mention
that i have found the spu at
"psx alternative"
a japanese psx site...
under "project" you can find
andies and loris spu
thanks to psx alternative

Thanks for posting this. I just downloaded it Iori's is my SPU of choice, I'm glad a new version is out. Thanks again.

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I just notice packed with his plugin zip file is a "lite" version. Besides the size differences between the two. How is the Lite version any different from regular version? They both look the same when you configure both of them, both with the same set ot options.

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well I just see a litle difference between the lite and normal version, well in normal version for those who don´t have see it in the realtime config window there is the fine tune option, its fun if you play whit it :) and in the lite version I didn´t see the realtime config window, and whitout it, I didn´t think has fine tune option available

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i have tried out the normal and lite versions just by running the bios to see how it affects the loading screen. the sounds from the lite version sound very coarse. other than that, i notice no other diff. anybody else?

the problem could be even due to my sb live! card...
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