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Looking for Xenogear saves :( pls help!

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I've been playing Xenogears, and its worked perfect all the way
until the battle in the sewers under the prision versus RedRamThis.
After beating him it locks up as rico leaves the sewers. This happens
under both Windows 2000 and Win98 and with every plug-in. What
I'm wanting is a save game right after that point, and I mean RIGHT after
that point so that I don't lose any of the story. If someone can help me
I'd be really grateful.... i hate being this far into the story and not
being able to continue... thanks.

I havn't had much luck with this request in other forums :( and every save
I find on the internet is waaaaaay after that point.
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what emulator runs .GME memory cards? i don't have a convertor for that.
and even then, looking at the description of the saves, there isn't a single one
after that point.
i can't find any saves for anything on gamefaq's
still no luck, all the saves are waaay into the game, all i want is a save point just
after that boss? has no-one else here got past that boss in Xenogears and
have a save point for me? surely someone... unless someone here
has vgs and would be willing to get past that point and save for me? and then
send back the save game? for some reason the demo and retial version
of vgs won't work in win98 on my computer me the blue screen of

anyone willing to do that for me? its an easy battle.
Just send me your memcard and I'll do it.
ok you can find the memorycard at:

its the fourth save, you'll be able to tell from the playtime bit
anyway... i've got everything needed all you have to do is go to
the pipe and ring the bell :)

when you've done it, please send it to:

[email protected]

could you make sure as soon as you leave the sewer run to the
nearest save point (the dorms) .. if anything specific happens between
there and that save point, could you please tell me exactly what?

thank you very much! your a pal. (not a video format, don't
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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