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looking for PC speakers

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My brother is going off to college and im giving him my old system with my current speakers, meaning I need new speakers. I was looking to spend between 50-100 bucks and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I use my computer for everything and I have turtle beach catilina sound card. any suggestion or tips would be greatly appreciated.
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i just bought the Logitech Z-3, , for 49.99 at Fry's. for some reason, the Z-3e was 60 at Fry's and the Z-3 was 50. yet at newegg, the Z-3 costs more o_O

i have the (old ) Logitech Z-640s, they have updated them to this: . If you're looking for cheap and awesome sounding 5.1, that is what you want. it's analog only, but if it's hooked to your PC, it's no big deal. the speakers sound amazing, i get comments all the time with people telling me how badass they are.
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