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Looking For 1.9.94

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Does anyone know where I can find pcsxr-1.9.94-win32 at?

The one with the pcsx.exe file in it now. That works on Win XP. I know there's one out there somewhere.

Let me know.
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try this one, it is basically same as Pcsxr.
That's not what I asked for here.

I'm looking for pcsxr-1.9.94-win32, with the pcsx.exe file inside.

The one you linked gave a "is not a valid Win32 application." error.
You need vcredist 2019
That won't work on XP.

I have already said I am looking for pcsxr-1.9.94-win32 . Not anything else. If you cannot point me to what I am looking for, please don't post about other stuff.

Just trying to help.
I appreciate that.

Already have pcsxr-1.9.92-win32.7z . I was looking for pcsxr-1.9.94-win32 because I heard it had some good improvements, and would also work on XP. I did manage to find this PCSX-Reloaded . But, it doesn't have a pcsx.exe file in it. It seems to be for Linux instead. That makes it useless to me. I need the one with pcsx.exe instead.

It has to be out there somewhere.

PCSX-Reloaded US.

But, it only had a file called with no .exe file in it.:(
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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