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Look at this!!!!!

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I was watching random Love Hina episodes and I came across this part that I guess I really didn't notice before. But it doesn't make any sense and therefor is completely hilarious. Now watch it and enjoy.

P.S. - It's recorded in .wmv which I beleive you need WinMediaPlayer 7 or higher to watch.
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hmmm...too small. is this an eyecatch or something?

anyway, ill go check it out later. i got class in a few minutes. later guyz! :)
Just keitaro doing somthing that doesn't make any sense, but in a good funny way.

P.S. - You have class?! Where the hell do you live? It's about 1:00am here in crusty boring Tucson.
shiori went to class so i guess i'll answer your question to him for you(whew!). he lives in the philippines, right shiori?:D and tis 4:00 PM round here..:D
I'm taking "graveyard shift" classes. :D
Another little clip from Cowboy Bebop (I got a couple of episodes today :D ) A little bad english from Spike.
i finally saw that LH clip you posted, Asz....despite what you said, it played perfectly in media player 6. :D

anyway, so tama flew and hit a sleeping keitaro, then he was spinning like a limp doll, right?

...i don't get it too. :confused: :eyes:
Is there something kinky on that movie? 'cause i am not sitting at last row at my computer - class...
Uh, Asz, that's kinda weird. First of all, why is there a turtle sitting on that girl's head, and second, why does, when it hits that guy's face, make him spin around like an out of control ferris wheel? Over exaggeration is common in Anime, eh? Funny though :)
Xenomorph - Nothing even close to pornographic or adult about it.

Shiori and NickK - I really don't know myself. Tama was on Naru's head and then she fell off (Tama is a she :) ) and hit Keitaro in the face while he was sleeping on the ground right by everybody (I don't know why he was just there sleeping) and it caused him to flail around like that.

Anyways, here another that occurs about 30 seconds after that one.
Heh, I got about 30mb of clips I took from Love Hina, but I don't think NGEmu would appriciate me using up all that space.
Aww, I Love Hina too! :p More! More! (Hehe...) :D
Alright, maybe one more....
Funny! :) I don't think I've ever seen anyone rocket to the table like that before! :)
Asz, where do you get all this stuff? Did you... *gasp* purchase it legally?
NickK - Yeah, I thought it was funny that she shoved her crotch in his face ;)

Asfaloth - Nope, LoveHina is only in Japan at the moment and I don't think there has been any U.S. releases, besides I don't have a DVD player to watch them on even if they made them (I HATE VHS Tapes, so Tapes can go screw themselfs :fingers: )
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