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LoL sound thread

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Legend Of Legaia
okay ive readed a lot around about that problem
but found no thread telling that the spirit, hyper's working (and they are awesome)
game is working, but some sounds missing
i wanted to know if theres a way to get them back?
im using epsxe 1.60
comp config:
p4 2.40ghz
ecs p4vxasd2+ motherboard (yeah i know its ****ty :p)
512 mb ddr 2100
nVidia fx 5900xt (god i love her, shes a beast in overclocking, i just wished i had a better psu to do so :p)
win 2k pro

epsxe 1.60 config:
Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.74
-basically everything on quality settings, runs smooth :p
ePSXe SPU core 1.5.2:
----first 3 options enabled
SaPu's CD-ROM Plugin 1.0:
-caching level 3 enabled
-cache size 8 - medium
-and track iso checked

oh and im running the game from an iso
thanks for the replies
and if u wanna flame me for posting this, go ahead i so dont care ^^
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try using eternal 1.41 or Pete's Dsound plugin for sound.
tried that before posting
and its still not working, like i hear 0.1 sec of the spirit sound
but none for the combos
have you tried messing with the irq settings on eternal? Probably some sound interruption must be emulated for that to work. How is eternal enabled?
u mean the special game fix?
they are all enabled now

Audio device:
-Direct sound
buffer size:
audio out method:
-wait for XA buffer is free
-fine tune 0
-reverb Neill's
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well, not all xD . Try one at a time, and if still doesn't work, then in groups of two or the three. Try audio aout spuasync, in smooth mode.
been playing with them for some time, still not better :(
maybe its simply epsxe?
but i cant think of a better emulator, they are all outdated, damn
Well, PSXeven has had more recent release than ePSXe. Also, you might want to try PCSX. An older release doesn't mean it has the same bugs ;)
pcsx wont even work lol
some cd-r drive configuration
its the same im using with epsxe (wich is okay) and wont work, played a bit with the settings and nothing
and psxeven crashes during the first battle oO
first of all... did anyone ever made that game work perfectly?
Have you tried ASync, Smooth?
yeah wont change a thing :/
but i need to know if anyone ever got it to work
if not imma stop trying
Remake the ISO.
nothing to do with the iso
like all the people here got that prob with legaia and never got it fixed from what i read
and i tried already
and the cd is clean
even tried other's
It might/might not work: Add command-line switches to ePSXe

· -legaia..............Enables Legend of Legaia cheat.
· -nocdtiming........Disable CDR accurate timing. (Gran Turismo 2, Legend of Legaia, Dragon Valor, Point Blank series)

Compatibility list for ePSXe 1.6.0
- Legend of Legaia (NTSC) 100% Perfect
its already on oO
anyway can someone answer to that question
did anyone ever got it to run it perfectly?
Looks likes you are out of luck...Try it on PSX :/
oh well
wish i could, else i wouldnt be using emulator
both of my psx doesnt work anymore
Sorry to hear that...
Anyways, try updating your audio drivers.
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