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According to reports, a double murder suspect managed to escape from a French prison by hiding in a cargo box and being loaded onto a lorry ready for delivery with dozens of other boxes. A fine prison escape no doubt inspired by Metal Gear Solid!

Embarrassed officials were at a loss to explain how Jean-Pierre Treiber, 45, a double murder suspect, managed to elude detection in the box he had built himself at a workshop in the high security prison of Auxerre, Burgundy.

With its hidden human cargo, the box was loaded with dozens of others onto a lorry for delivery to the Yonne region, southeast of Paris.
During the 100-mile journey, he broke free and leapt from the lorry. The driver only realised there was a problem once he had reached his destination, when he spotted a hole in the tarpaulin covering the boxes, some of which were flattened.

Police have sealed off roads and a huge area of woodland in the hunt for Treiber using helicopters and sniffer dogs.

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snake SNAKE!!!!!!!!!! get back in your cell.

god i hope he doesnt try the ketchup technique next time though.
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