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Logitech X530 or 540 (forgot)

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Sometimes when the music is playing or in a movie game whatever, the left box seems to tone down it's music by like 80%... almost to the point where u wonder if it's still emitting sound... I Have this problem also when headphones are plugged in. seems to be exclusively on the left channel...

Anyone got any idea what could be the problem? The focus usually returns after 30 secs or so... sometimes doesn't appear for hours? And sometimes it's constantly...
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When you say that you also have the problem with headphones, are you having the problem when you plug the headphones into the headphone port on your speaker system or when you plug them directly into your sound card's audio port? If you can plug the headphones directly into your sound card instead of through your speakers and still get the same problem, then the problem isn't your speaker system. It would be a good idea to verify this first.
Good idea, I used the remote controller thingy to plug the headphones in.. So ill try to plugin directly...

But even if it is the speakersystem how can it be that the left channel would be like this? Cause obviously the speaker itself is working, if it also occurs at the headphones left channel... Then it has to be wiring or something?
If it was the wiring, either you would have sound or you wouldn't. The in between for non-digital components would be the sound randomly cutting in and cutting out or sounding scratchy like radio static.

If it is your speaker set, it would likely be your left channel audio amplifier circuit failing.
Hmm so i waited, and didn't test with headphones yet, but last weeks the problem seemed to have been gone... Maybe it was a software related issue? is that possible?
Yeah, it's entirely possible that something got messed up in the software settings and you have since reset, even if you didn't realize it.
sometimes creative sound cards do this....... its purely a software/driver issue.
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