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Hi everyone,

I'm using the latest release of X360ce.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to get it working with FiveM (GTA 5 mod).

I've set x360ce to recognize FiveM.exe in the "Game" section, and set up my G29 wheel controller appropriately. When using the software, force feedback and buttons work properly. Yet, when I launch FiveM, immediately the wheel just isn't recognized at all.

Some people online suggested overwriting the xinput1.3.dll thats in the FiveM folder as FiveM would choose to load it rather than the one in X360, but even that doesn't work.

How can I use X360 and my G29 with FiveM? I've seen plenty of videos of people using X360ce version 3, but even that is a hit or miss now.

EDIT: Unplugging the G29 while the game was open has worked. However, the left stick is defaulting position as pulling down, rather than neutral as if I wasn't touching it. This makes my character and cars constantly go reverse.
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