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Log your last shutdown?

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I wanted a program, which could tell what was the exact time your pc has last been shutdown.
Like it could read from registry or right its own log.
Such a thing exists??
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You don't really need a program. Just go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Event Viewer.

While in Event Viewer, click on the System folder. It brings up a list of everything that's happened between logons and offs. Event #6009 is a logon. Event #6006 is a logoff.

Hope that helps.
Yeah, it helped!
BUT it just scared me now.
Last night, i let the pc dl some stuff.
ANd it the morning, it was off.
Well the event viewer says it had a "remote acess" @ 01:53:06, and @ 01:53:10, a logoff (shutdown).
Could i have been hacked??
Hmm, I don't think so. I don't know of that many hackers nice enough to shut the pc down after getting what they want.

In that same program, go to the Security folder. Look for events 512 (Win startup) and 513 (Shutdown). See if anything funny is between the two. 551 and 538 should tell you who shut it down. It's possible you have it set somewhere to shut down after a certain time. Did it go into standby or was it fully shut-down?

In case you're wondering why I know this useless stuff, I used to have a room-mate. The key words are "used to".
Maybe my BT client have just done it....
EDIT: the security folder is empty. I really think it was BitSpirit.
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