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LOD : What Graphics Config

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Can some-one tell me how to get Legend of Dragoon working with ePSXe? The game runs, but when I attempt to play it, it has a HUGE slowdown, and eventually I don't even think that it is loading something


Thanx in advance
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tweak your configs first to get the best performance, if you are using pete's plugins, click fast. btw, it is very important to post your config here so that other ppl will know wat is wrong :)
Works for me (20-30fps, natural for my system):

Pete's Soft GPU 1.53
- 640x480x16 full-screen
- Frameskip on
- Game fixes off
ePSXe internal sound
Pete's ASPI CDR 1.6
Takuma: Why don't you have the LoD fix on?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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