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Hello. I am havin some trouble with Legend of Dragoon and FF8. I am VERY new to emulators. Only used the gba emulator till now i really wanted to try the PSX emu. Took me forever just to download it right and get the plugins in right ><

LoD runs just fine but with major lagg during fight load screens (more so then the game already has lol) and when ever skills with animation is used it laggs alot. And from time to time the sound in fights gets messed up but i figured that is emualtion for you. FF8 tho doesnt go past the Squaresoft inc screen then it freezes. I have other games like Digimon World 3, Legend of Mana, Breath Of Fire 4 and all those games run just great. Also plan on getting Xenogears, FF tactics, and Saga Frontier.

I did find someone else had kinda the same prob that i have had with LoD but i didnt understand anything any one was saying :( Thank you for taking the time to read and Thank you to whoever can teach me how to fix these kinda probs or at least show me to something that explains it already
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