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Using Dolphin_r4200, took it from one of the regular supporter`s signature here, plays fine all games...

i finally dumped metroid prime 1, it plays fine but the video randomly locks up after some minutes running, the music keeps running for some seconds like 30 or more....

I got ingame after some tries played for a while then it locked up again, same way, and it keeps happening randomly... making it unplayable.

Happens also in Dolphin_r4017....

Tried OpelGL, same thing, the new Dx9 plugin... same thing, Used Safe Texture Cache, and tried the Copy to blalba system ram (Real) option..., same thing everywhere.

Specs: e6600 3.0ghz oced
2gb ddr2 800 @ 800mhz
8800GTS 680mgs
Win 7

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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