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"Load" vs. "Open"

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I've been using in game saves for Pokemon Leaf Green for (According to the game) about 40 hours now. I was trying to get Articuno and I saved right before, but I accidentally hit "File" -> "Load" Instead of "Open" and it took me to the game I wrote over (Using In Game Saves) that was way back at the beginning.
I got the game from a kid at school by copying the VBA Emulator from his Flash Drive to mine, then to my comp. So he must've saved using the Emulator, and I accidentally loaded that.
Can I get back to my game? Please? For the love of God, please?
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Yeah, just open the game and load your last save game ingame.
I tried that, but it loads his.
So... did you save after you first accidentally loaded his save game?
Nope. I knew enough to NOT do that.
OK, so when you "load ingame" are you going to File > Load or are you loading your game from the title menu?

When you were saving, how exactly were you saving?
To save in the game, I hit "Start" then "Save." Just like if it was on a real Gameboy.

And to load I'd click "File" > "Open" and then the title would pop up and I'd click "Load Game" using my designated "A" button.
Is File > Load > AutoLoad turned on?
Yes, should it be off?
Yes since you are using ingame saving instead.
Ok, it's off. What now?

You know, I have Skype and Yahoo. Could we use that instead? It's quicker...
Sorry. I don't have Skype.

Have you tried loading your old save game after turning off AutoLoad yet?
Yes, it loaded the messed up one. I didn't save it, so I don't know why it's not working.
Hmmm... Well, I'm out of ideas.

I guess you might want to wait for a reply from somebody else who is a bit more familiar with VBA and GBA emulation in general. Check back in like 4 - 6 hours.
Thanks anyway...
why is this not locked yet........
Why would it be locked?
why is this not locked yet........
Cuz I have no idea what's going on and thus assume it's legit.
I'm confused. Can anyone help me or not?
O now I see what Squall was talking about. I had missed it earlier.

I am afraid getting a game by copying it from some Kid at school is not a legal means of getting the game and thus you will receive no support here according to the [rules]Emuforums Rules[/rules] and I will now lock this thread.
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