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Little help...

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Hey, new to this, so bare with me, i have config, the EMU, from the website, i started playing GTA San Andreas, which ran perfect, and i was kinda shocked when its not suppose to work, but now for some reason it just stays a black screen, PC: AMD Sempron 3000+ 2.0Ghz, 200 Gig HDD, 256MB Geforce 5500, 512 RAM

Maybe its my PC, maybe its to slow, what does anybody thinK? so sorry if this has already been posted once before :innocent:
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i think you need to read the rules before making another post like this.

a. you were lucky to get it working if you did and yes you are right it shouldnt work, the black screen is normal.

b. the rules say if your game doesnt work dont complain

wait for future releases, PCSX2 is very work in progress so dont expect it to work perfectly on anything.
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